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From multi-million dollar engagement rings, to our signature Iconic Gold Pendants. Iconic Brand of Jewelers can create anything you can imagine. We are the premier creators of exclusive custom jewelry in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and all other major cities. 


Our team consists of the highest level of creators in the custom jewelry world. Accredited by Iconic Gold, based in Oklahoma City, we have spent decades refining the skills of our artisans. When it comes to craftsmanship in custom jewelry, we are the leading name and our team’s talent and international reputation proves so.


We only use the finest materials (gold and diamond stones) because we know first-hand that quality matters. The gold, platinum, and diamonds used to craft each and every one of our pieces are all required to meet or exceed our quality standards before becoming a part of the Iconic Brand collection.


Provide us the following information and we'll send you a quote for your custom jewelry piece. Please note, our custom work generally starts at $230 and up. We ask you to include as much detail as you can in your inquiry below:

  • What would you like for us to custom make?

  • Would you like diamond cuts?

  • Desired size, specific dimensions, height, width/ length, and weight?

  • Please be prepared to provide us pictures of the design of the custom order you want made.

Click on the different pieces to see variations of each, and come back to submit a custom form so we can expedite your order.

Fill out the brief form below and your jeweler will contact you within 24 hours with more details of your customization process.

***Be sure to include in your message items selected in the steps above, otherwise your quote will be delayed***

If you are considering a custom grill - consider the following image when selecting your teeth options.

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